In 2013, Atty. Deborah Groban Olson helped this group of workers and consumers incorporate and they are now seeking members. High Five, is the first worker and consumer multi-stakeholder co-op created under Michigan’s Consumer Co-op Act.

“For thousands of years people have met with iStock10606864-Hands-Tower-med-HiResnot much else between them besides a beer. And for just as long, beer has been a beverage of the people—a true democratic beverage. What more appropriate than to unite beer with the Co-operative model? With the shifting attitudes toward beer in United States, as well as the world, it only makes sense to work among the principles of a Co-op. High Five Co-op Brewery is not the first to make this step, and we will hopefully not be the last. While we are in formative stages, the future is exciting, and we invite you to join us, for there is work to do, beer to drink, and dreams to shape. We are proud to announce that as of today, the State of Michigan approved our Articles Of Incorporation and High Five Co-op Brewery, Inc. is now a Co-op. You can view our Articles Of Incorporation here. Our Bylaws have also been finalized, and we will be releasing them online shortly. This is fantastic progress and we can’t wait to announce more coming very soon.” -Quote from High Five Co-op Brewery Website.