How a Co-op ESOP Hybrid Works – If you missed this Feb. 21 webinar, you can now watch the recording here:

You can also get the session materials, slides, and more here.

Democratic ESOPs or ESOPs with co-op features has been a specialty of Deb Olson’s law practice for 38 years. Once Again Nut Butter Collective (OANB) is the featured example company in this webinar. OANB’s CEO, Bob Gelser, a worker board member, Scott Owens, and Deb, who is board chair of OANB will present on the two and ½ years of work that has led to the OANB participatory decision making system, and the history leading to it. Deb spoke about legal mechanisms and issues. Bob and Scott talked about the practical issues of making a participatory workplace of 80 people function efficiently. Chris Cooper of the Ohio Employee Ownership Center (OEOC) moderated.

This event was cosponsored by the Groban Olson Law Firm, the Center for Community Based Enterprise (C2BE), the Ohio Employee Ownership Center at Kent State University (with support from the USDA's Rural Cooperative Development Program); Horizon Trust & Investment Management; and Once Again Nut Butter Collective, Inc.